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Transportation Systems Management and Operations -TSMO

Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) offers a comprehensive approach to managing and operating transportation systems. TSMO programs provide a structure to TSMO activities and projects to deliver cost effective, outcome-driven system management. The benefits of TSMO include increased reliability and safety and a more customer-focused system that provides real-time information and operations. TSMO programs provide an integrated, formal structure for planning, funding, delivering, managing and operating transportation system improvements. Robust programs address:

* TSMO Program Goals and Objectives
* Organizational Structure
* Business Processes
* Performance Management
* Projects, Activities and Services
* Resources Needs
* Research and Development
* Internal and External Collaboration and Communications

Each DOT and MPO has its own set of priorities and responsibilities and there is no one-size-fits-all TSMO program. The success of any TSMO program depends on a thoughtful and comprehensive planning process to develop a program uniquely designed for the needs of the agency and its constituents.

Pat Noyes & Associates was instrumental in the development of the Iowa DOT TSMO Program Plan and continues to work with Iowa DOT to implement this forward-thinking program. Pat Noyes served as the Technical Editor and Module 1 author for the U.S. DOT ITS ePrimer and co-author of NCHRP 20-07/345 Program Planning and Development for Transportation System Management and Operations (TSM&O) in State Departments of Transportation and FHWA's Developing and Sustaining a Transportation Systems Management and Operations Mission for Your Organization: A Primer on TSMO Program Planning, to be released in 2017. Pat is a member of the TRB Regional TSMO Committee and co-chairs the TIM Subcommittee.