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Pat Noyes & Associates offers workshops in traffic incident management, planning for transportation emergencies, and neighborhood traffic management. These are available for presentation on-site in half-day to two-day options. For more information, please contact pat@patnoyes.com or by phone at 303-440-8171. These workshops can be customized to meet your specific program needs.

Traffic Incident Management
This workshop introduces approaches for building and sustaining a comprehensive traffic incident management (TIM) program. It reviews strategies for building effective working partnerships between police, fire/rescue, emergency medical services, towing & recovery, transportation, and other key groups. The class incorporates dynamic exercises and develops skills to create, enhance, and manage TIM programs. This workshop has been delivered to audiences from FHWA, the Institute of Transportation Engineers, the American Society of Civil Engineers and state DOTs.

Planning for Transportation Emergencies
This one-day workshop focuses on emergency preparedness planning for transportation facilities in response to traffic incidents, natural disasters and acts of terrorism. The course examines the stages of transportation emergencies, multi-agency emergency preparedness planning, integrating incident management command centers, establishing and maintaining inter-agency communications, and coordinating ITS applications and emergency preparedness. The National Incident Management System, communicating with the public, practicing for emergencies, planning emergency traffic operations, and research and technology needs are addressed.

Traffic Incident Management for Work Zones
This one-day class, developed in conjunction with Colorado's "Guidelines for Developing Traffic Incident Management Plans for Work Zones," provides an overview of the process of planning, designing, implementing, and managing traffic incident management programs for work zones. Target audiences for this workshop include federal, state and local officials, contractors, and traffic control company employees who have the responsibility to plan, design, review, install, manage and approve traffic incident management programs for work zones.

NIMS for Transportation Agencies
Transportation agencies face a variety of transportation emergencies, ranging from traffic incidents to terrorist events and natural disasters. The National Incident Management System (NIMS) is used by federal, state, and local emergency response agencies to manage incidents of all types and levels of complexity. Transportation agency employees involved in any response to highway emergencies should be familiar with NIMS to provide effective response as a member of the response team. This half-day workshop provides an introduction and overview of NIMS, including interactive exercises based on transportation-related scenarios.

Traffic Calming
Traffic calming involves the technical aspects of selecting and installing various traffic calming devices as well as the more complex issues of public involvement, community values, and public policy. This workshop reviews the objectives of neighborhood traffic management and a toolbox of devices available for traffic calming. It addresses the issues associated with developing traffic calming programs, including policy considerations, impacts on emergency response, public involvement, and the application of traffic calming devices on collector and arterial streets.